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May 6-8, 2022: MarCon (Columbus, OH)

Jun 8-12, 2022: Origins Game Fair (Columbus, OH)

Sep 1-5, 2022: DragonCon (Atlanta, GA)

Oct 21-23, 2022: Ohio Valley Filk Fest (Worthington, OH)

Nov 4-6, 2022: AstronomiCon (Rochester, NY)




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For over thirty years, Tom Smith has been breaking hearts, minds, and rules of propriety with a huge number of comedic, dramatic, frenetic, and sometimes straight-up ludicrous songs. Winner of fourteen Pegasus Awards for Excellence in Filk, and member of the Filk Hall of Fame, Tom combines the rapid-fire silliness of Robin Williams, the lyrical acumen of Ashman and Sondheim, and the dynamic physique of the Skipper from Gilligan's Island. Catch him at a convention near you, and live the myth of Smith!

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